There are no hidden fees!

When will we receive our photos?

Within 8 - 14 weeks (depends on the month) after the shoot, you will receive the photos with Google Drive. Your photos will be available for 10 days on Google Drive for download.

Can we get the photos faster?

The photos can be delivered in 7 days for $500 for wedding and $250 for engagement photos.

Can I have the RAW files or any unedited images?

This will always and forever be a resounding no. Unless you want to buy out the copyright, of course! That’ll be $3,000. The RAW photos will be deleted 6 months after your wedding.

Can you keep the photos private?

Hire the photographer you let me share your photos online. I have an option for you. It'll be + 50% of the shoot to keep your the photos & videos private for 1 year. Why? I must compensate it somehow otherwise, it is nothing to show other couples. No photos. No job. No money. Homeless)

Do you travel?

Absolutely! I travel across the states & abroad for my work and love doing so. I ask for airfare, a hotel room for 2-3 nights and transportation. (I work hard to keep travel costs as low as possible.) For weddings outside of New York City limits, I have a travel fee of $100/hour, and possibly accommodation if it's too late to return to the city that evening.

Do you include the tax?

Yes and No, I have very flexible method of payments.